ACI Real-time advertising Summit

Appetite, 10 months ago

Appetite Creative is excited to be returning to ACI’s 4th annual Real-Time Advertising Summit! Last year’s summit was extremely insightful and we are eager to see what’s in store this time. This year, the two-day event is being held in London and our Managing Director, Jenny Stanley, will be speaking. Alongside Jenny, there will be senior experts from other established creatives and media companies as well, providing attendees with the latest tricks of the trade and experience in the industry.


Programmatic advertising will be the main focus of the conference, discussing how it has significantly evolved over the last few years and how it has changed the way we do advertising. With programmatic being Appetite Creative’s forte, we’re eager to hear from some other speakers who will discuss opportunities for advertisers, media agencies and publishers alike.


Some key topics that will be covered include: innovation of modern digital advertisement systems, brand case studies, linking creative and programmatic together, and so on. The evolving programmatic landscape will be discussed in case study format, interactive sessions, and panel discussions, with the opportunity for extended network opportunities.


For by-the-minute updates, please follow the event Twitter handle @ACI_RTA_Summits as well as ours, @Appetitemobile.

We will be posting photos from this exciting event and can’t wait to share with you.

- Sarah

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