Appetite Creative and MMP partnership

Appetite, 11 months ago

What are liquid skins & who is bringing it to the Middle East?

Appetite Creative ‘Soul-utions’, a UK-based creative and digital advertising agency, has partnered with Dubai-based programmatic company MENA MarketPlace (MMP) to bring high impact units that can be traded programmatically.

The partnership will see the launch of the ‘Liquid Skins,’ an ad format created by Appetite Creative that runs on all screen types across a range of premium publishers. This high impact format allows different types of interaction and engagement, as it automatically adjusts to fill any screen size. It always fills all the space available on the page, which is especially important for luxury and premium concerned about share of voice, while ensuring a brand-safe and engaging experience.

Jenny, managing director of Appetite Creative, says in a statement, “It’s really not about a fight between creative or data and technology being more important; I think this is a fantastic example of connecting both essential elements to deliver highly creative campaigns aimed at accurately defined audiences. It’s a togetherness story and the results speak for themselves.”

The format is available across all screens: desktop, tablet, and mobile and allows high impact skins with all the functionality of interactive rich media to be traded programmatically.

The first skin to launch was for Swarovski. The campaign ran across the Gulf in markets such as Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi and the UAE market on sites such as Marie Claire and Elle Arabia resulting in a 1.92% CTR. This was followed by other brands such as Infiniti and Nestle Nido.

Nader Bitar, regional deputy general manager of MMP says, “Our publishers’ sites are unique. Combing through the intelligent data we have and using that to collect specific and unique datasets across our premium publishers is the first half of the battle, but then to deliver them something which is highly engaging and innovative is what makes MMP stand out. Not only can we do this well, but programmatically. It’s the future!

Liquid Skins!