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In 1978, the marketing manager Gary Thuerk from Digital Equipment Corp was the first to use emails as a method of direct communication to send out commercial emails to let people know about a new product. Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of modern communication. It's a marketing strategy where commercial messages are sent to people in large quantities using email. It is an efficient way to increase conversions and repeat rates of potential and old customers. This type of campaign aims to boost the return and loyalty of potential customers towards the brand. They serve as a sales channel but also to create branding.
Types of Email Marketing:
Emails can serve different purposes with different avenues to engage with audiences.
  • Welcome emails serve to introduce a potential new customer to the business. It offers information about products or services and often includes a trial or other special bonuses.
  • Invite emails announcing upcoming happenings, seminars or the launch of a new product.
  • Promotional emails can reach many people to advertise new products, services and discounts and promotions, as the name implies.
  • Survey emails, are useful to gather feedback from customers. It is essential to show that consumers' opinion matters and they are valued.
  • Lead nurturing emails, targeting a specific audience and intending to convince them about various topics. It focuses on a group that might be interested in products or services. Afterwards, you build their interest through more emails with additional relevant information.
  • Dedicated emails, these ones are aimed just at a few chosen people. The selection is, for example, based on recent purchases or new leads.
  • Newsletter emails. The most popular for marketing strategies recently. They are used for regularly underlining products and services but also to promote new articles and blog posts. They always contain a call to action to motivate the audience to engage with you.

    Advantages of Email marketing:

    This marketing method is particularly effective because emails are sent to people who have usually engaged with the brand before, as they have given their consent to receive these advertising campaigns. Emails allow you to communicate directly with subscribers, and your message will be seen as many check their emails daily. The most significant advantage of email campaigns is that statistics about success can be checked in real-time. Thus, you can optimise your strategy to ensure better performance.

    Disadvantages of Email marketing:

    Email is one of the oldest forms of online communication, so there is tough competition. This forces you to be more creative to be outstanding. For email marketing to work at all, a list of emails is required, which could take some time to prepare. One of the most important disadvantages is that there can often be problems with the delivery of emails, as the various email platforms have spam filters.

    Some valuable tips to optimise your email marketing:

  • As email marketing is well known, the emails should be personalised and directly addressed to the person.

  • Be convincing and short. You can share information while directing people to the website or blog posts.
  • Use engaging subject titles to gain attention.
  • Do not buy any email lists online. They will not deliver any requests of interest and are most of the time illegal.
  • Don't become a spammer. Send wisely quantities of emails and avoid cold reach outs. This will help you to stay out of spam folders and increase your open rate.

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