Etihad Study Case

Alex, 3 months ago

Etihad Case Study

As an airline, Etihad, whose mandate is to operate safely, commercially, and profitably has come a long way in a short time – just like its home, Abu Dhabi...

Established by Royal Decree in July 2003, the airline has gone on to become one of the largest airlines in the world

In June 2004, the airline placed a US$8-billion aircraft order for five Boeing 777-300ERs and 24 Airbus aircraft, which is a tad more than our regular amazon order. But, incredibly, by 2008 The airline was announcing an order for up to 205 aircraft, the largest aircraft order in commercial aviation history.

Etihad's guests are at the heart of everything it does and they wanted a team that shared that philosophy to build them an engaging ad that would carry the values of which they stick so strongly to and tell users of the new route between Abu Dhabi and Barcelona. At appetite, we put the client, and ultimately the end user, first. We want to create an experience that can do nothing but unobtrusively augment their experience.

What we gave them was a full-screen takeover launched out from a billboard, and that means that we needed stand-out imagery and a magnetic CTA.

Taking a look at what we did here and see how we did exactly that.

With a design, using a full range of design elements from Etihad, rich in stylish elegance, we were able to create an incredibly polished campaign that drew the user to the billboard via a competition and further into the ad. As the lightbox opened the user was treated to a pop-up-book style sea view that was both pleasing to the eye, and with a CTR of 1.13, (almost six times the benchmark) effective.

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