Have you ever tried Whatsapp Ads? Set up your Whatsapp Marketing Strategy !

Jenny, 3 months ago

Have you ever tried WhatsApp Ads? Set up your WhatsApp Marketing Strategy!

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Be smart and tap into whatsapp adverts under exploited potential

In 2019, most of the online advertisers are more likely to use traditional digital advertising on social media, google PPC campaigns or newsletters. But the competition is huge and it may be difficult to make your voice heard there.

Advertising through WhatsApp: An undervalued opportunity in 2019

What if I told you that there’s a big undervalued opportunity to tap into the tremendous popularity of the most used messenger app in the world? In fact, WhatsApp has 1.5 billion users in 180 countries and 65 billions of messages are shared per day on average.

There is a fabulous opportunity to give a chance to WhatsApp advertising in your marketing strategy. Whereas Facebook, Instagram and most of your usual social media’s feeds are overwhelmed with marketing promotions messages, WhatsApp engagement is still very underused by brands. In fact, a WhatsApp ad share message is less common and therefore way more efficient to drive WhatsApp engagement.

Be an innovator by using WhatsApp banner

We innovated by being the first global agency in the world to enable WhatsApp sharing in a banner ad. We did it for Pandora who asked us to help them with their marketing. We came up with the idea of creating a display ad that enables WhatsApp ad sharing. In fact, we realized that click to WhatsApp ads are more effective than the usual click to call ads. The user can click on the WhatsApp icon and choose to share the message with a contact or send a message directly to the brand. The results were impressive: 7% CTR, which is way higher than the benchmark. Moreover, we innovated by being the first in the world agency to create a WhatsApp shareable banner ad.

This type of ad is particularly effective for customers who would like to give gift hints to their families or partners, checkout hotels and holiday destinations, share vouchers and offers for example.

A direct WhatsApp conversation with your customers

And then there’s our direct messaging option. Have your audience start a conversation with your brand immediately from seeing an offer of a product they like. No one uses their minutes on their mobile plans as we are all addicted to WhatsApp so why not use that as your method of conversation with your audience! Especially as that’s where we all are all day. Book a test drive, ask a question or even purchase that service all from your WhatsApp!

Forget click to call, or emailing.. have a direct instantaneous conversation with your audience where they are!

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