"How do brands and businesses prepare for the bounce back?" Webinar

Published by Ana

How brands and agencies are striving to perform and deliver new creative products and campaigns and what does life look like after the virus




About this Event

In this fast paced webinar, experts from brands, agency and industry experts will discuss how brands and agencies are striving to perform and deliver new creative products and campaigns during the current crisis. The session will also give a future view of what life will look like post lockdown and beyond.

The effects of COVID-19 are immense and businesses have grappled to cope with the impact on their operations. However, with signs that the worst is now over, the narrative is now shifting to recovery and businesses are moving to gear-up into the next phase.

For businesses looking to gain market share, customer engagement and interaction will be more important than ever. With predictions of a bounce-back in Q3, companies need to come out of their own lockdown to assess, plan and activate ready to take advantage of the uplift.

But what are the key tools that will arm businesses to ensure they are in pole position when this recovery starts?


Join us for this informative and educational lunch and learn session on Tuesday, 19th May with:

- Alessio Schiavone, Digital Solutions Manager for Europe and Central Asia of Tetra Pak
- Susanne McKinley, Operational Marketing for Mid Europe of Tetra Pak
- Jenny Stanley, Founder and MD of Appetite Creative
- Julia Smith, Founder of The Digital Voice
- Victoria Usher, CEO of GingerMay


Gain insights into:

- Actions to take now and how to prepare for the new future
- Trends that will shape the new future
- How to get new consumers and interaction
- Creating digital engagement with your current consumers in new ways
- Renewed vigour around creativity, performance and innovation
- Marketing and communications in a crisis and beyond


Date And Time

Tue, May 19, 2020

2:00 PM – 2:45 PM CEST

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