International Women's Equality

Appetite, 2 years ago

Imagine we (women), were living a century before, life would have been different and a lot harder. Inequality existed in all cases – employment, election and many forms of discrimination 

Universal Declaration on Human Rights law was passed after World War II. This applies to all citizen of the world. But only a few laws are passed in each country that addressed women’s issues. As we advance in the modern age, ideologies become broader. Some of the previous issues are being addressed, as a result, to this day, we practice more rights than the women before.

Sadly, not all countries practice women’s equality.

To celebrate life, and celebrate being a woman, The Female Quotient was born. They empower women in all ages and to address existing problems that we face just for being a woman. TFQ not only address female problems but also those of men. Men also face a problem that coincides with women’s equality. Some issues have been blown out of proportion that some women use it as a scapegoat. Women are strong creatures, we are resilient and can do anything. Though we have to admit that there is some work that requires the physical strength of men but there are also some things men cant do - just like giving birth for instance. For the business world, women give more attention to details and are more meticulous.

Let's explore our natural being and address the issues that hinder our full potential by supporting each and everyone of us. We will all be our pillars of strength to become what we want to be (whatever it is we all desire in the future).

TFQ provides research services to brands that want to empower women.

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The Female Quotient

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