Jenny Stanley Comments on her experience as a judge for the MENA EFFIE Awards in Dubai

Appetite, 6 months ago

Jenny, Managing Director of Appetite Creative, has been a judge of one of the most prestigious marketing awards MENA EFFIE Awards. The final ceremony was held on 7th of November 2018 in the Dubai Armani hotel. We would like to share her comments regarding this experience:

“Being a judge for the Effies was just fantastic. I felt refreshed and excited to be part of such a big important set of awards outside of Europe.

The marketing effectiveness clearly communicates your brand purpose to your target audience. It starts with a great idea underpinned by insight or an observation, exceptional execution and proof of the impact that goes beyond any goals or expectations.

It’s more than being memorable; it is about being unforgettable,  an entry that demonstrated undeniable and observable behaviour change by the intended audience. It drives an emotional connection so that the brand can stand for something to consumers.

It is not just the idea but proving how you delivered it, and how it was done in the best way possible, given the budget, and had a bottom-line business impact.  

The Effies are about creative execution and delivering on strategy.

The best entries understand where a brand is a today, and where it needs to get to while at the same time, proving ingenuity, a grasp of contemporary marketing and advertising techniques and undeniable results that are worth celebrating. The case study wins on mindset – a brand that was prepared to take risks. And finally, this must drive a desired outcome or behaviour.“

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