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Alex, 8 months ago

Canyon have just released the real-life version of what most of us think is the ultimate dream bike, the Aeroad CF SLX Disc 9.0 Di2. With disc brakes, the most aerodynamic carbon frame, and the most aggressive Pro Geometry, it’s a bike that is begging to jump into the race and elbow up to the front. Though the frame, with its hourglass-shaped head tube and the Trident 2.0 aero technology, focusses on aerodynamics, it also offers a comfortable ride quality that would be no problem for your next full-length triathlon as well as your Wednesday evening crit series, and since the medium sized frame weighs only 980g, you won’t have to worry about taking this baby on your alpine climbing adventures either. If you are looking to buy the smartest racing bike on the market, the Aeroad CF SLX Disc 9.0 Di2 should be your only stop.

So we needed a way of showing it off...

Bicycles are not something that we would consider perfect online add material, the frames are small so any logos appear tiny on screen and many of the key components that Canyon rightly wanted to show off simply wouldn’t be visible on your average MPU unit. So we gave them something else.

Liquid reality enables us to deliver a premium-quality 3D experience to our audience. Pick up a shoe from your tablet, look around a car, look inside a car, even step inside a hotel room before you make your reservation.

Streamed live anywhere on the web means no installation, no downloads, and lossless zooming, all the time, everywhere. It's the most engaging brand experience available. Seamless, elegant interactivity is fun to play with for even those outside the target demographic.

Stream your content across multiple channels and have people all over the world interact with your product, up close, and flawlessly.

It is the future of interaction within advertising and a potential pioneer moment for advertising as a whole. It will allow you to deliver your showroom, your store, your product, straight to your client.

RTO worked with Canyon to do exactly that and in doing so, brought the superior new canyon Bike to the user. Spin the bike to see it from all angles, zoom in to see different parts, components and mechanics, and see it from angles you wouldn’t be able to even if the bike was standing in front of you.

Delivering an incredible 0.92% CTR, almost five times the benchmark just goes to show that this is no gimmick. It is a dynamic, gorgeous, engaging, and ultimately effective format.

Liquid Skins!