The 2018 Appetite Awards

Appetite, 6 months ago

Christmas is coming, the geese are getting lean, let's look at the best of 2018…

2018 has been another great year for Appetite, we continue to build, learn, and grow. Our team is stronger, more creative, more diverse, and better than ever and our name continues to soar faster than Santa on the 24th.

So join us, grab a mulled wine, or an eggnog, and have a look at our 2018 highlights…

Best Engagement Ad

The engagement was a big part of 2018 for us, and we certainly broke some barriers down as to what can be done in terms of digital advertising and enhancing user experiences. But one stuck out as something we were all super proud of, and that was…

Hotel Transylvania

A candy crush style game in which users would match up characters from the new film. We added video trailers and ticket buying options and three levels of fast-paced, gorgeous gameplay.

We almost tripled the target reach by hitting an incredible 2,683,846 users in the lead up to the national premiere. Not only that, we hit an astonishing engagement rate of 13% on mobile and 5% overall. That means hundreds of thousands of users playing the game, watching the trailer, and buying tickets, all thanks to our ad.

A huge longest time played of 9 minutes, proved that what we designed was fun and that it worked as we had designed it to. It was a massive success and a great example of how we marry great, innovative design with the highest build quality.

Best Video Creation

Making videos is something that we are becoming known for, we have shown time and time again that we can produce high-end, great looking videos for any client, and this year was no exception.

And the winner is… Anyclip!

We really showed another string to our bow here when creating an explainer video for our friends at Anyclip. With custom graphics from our expert team seamlessly layered over the high-end content from Anyclip, we provided the visuals, the soundtrack and the SFX to show off products like only we can. Check it out!

Best Creative Idea

One thing about being a creative company is that all of your competition is also creative. That means that we are constantly striving to outdo ourselves in terms of what ideas and innovations we can come up with and pull off. This year’s winner certainly did that and did so without compromising on any quality. A true success story and a great campaign…

Vodafone Treasure Hunt

On Wednesday, 6th June 2018, Vodafone X hid 4 cryptic clues around Dundrum Town Centre as part of a public treasure hunt. There was no dog-eared map with an X marking the spot with this one though: Appetite Creative Solutions made it 100% digital and completely via smartphone.

Here’s how it worked. You show up at the Vodafone Store at 1 pm. Once there, whip out your phone and scan a QR code and you have your first clue. You’re off and running from there. Each code you scan will lead you to the next spot. If you do it right, you should end up back in the store after visiting three locations. The fastest time on the day wins.

73 participants running around town and one lucky winner with a gleaming new iPhone.

411 Instagram likes, 61 facebook likes along with a huge message thread a well as almost 300 articles covering it

Best Product Demonstration

We need to be on the cusp of everything that is new with technology, and with the speed at which technology moves forward, we need to be innovators to do that. To demonstrate a product means we need to show our clients something that they have not seen, have not imagined, before. For that reason, this year’s Best Product Demonstration award goes to…

Canyon - featuring liquid reality

Liquid reality enables us to deliver a premium-quality 3D experience to our audience. Pick up a shoe from your tablet, look around a car, look inside a car, even step inside a hotel room before you make your reservation.

Streamed live anywhere on the web means no installation, no downloads, and lossless zooming, all the time, everywhere.

The most engaging brand experience available. Seamless, elegant interactivity is fun to play with for even those outside the target demographic.

Best Design

“Good design is like a refrigerator—when it works, no one notices, but when it doesn’t, it sure stinks.” –Irene Au

A subtle, clean, elegant design will be remembered by all who see it. It will be unobtrusive, clear and individual enough to stick in your mind without being shoved in your face.


This year’s winner, our animated logo for MeMo2, ticks all of those boxes. Have a look here and decide for yourselves.

Best CTR

It’s all about the CTR, we want to give our clients a massive CTR by giving users an engaging and attractive campaign. This year we have chosen a mobile campaign as the winner.

Samsung Lightbox

With a CTR of almost 5%, Our Samsung Lightbox slid into the lead right at the end. With innovative, top class, creative coding we managed to give our client a sliding skin in which we can compare two digital cameras, both of which are inside mobile phones.

The ease with which the user can clearly see the difference in quality with the camera we were advertising was what set it apart as a great looking, user intuitive, well-coded campaign.

Liquid Skins!