Will Digital Marketing help your start-up company?

Appetite, 2 years ago

You have an entrepreneurial prowess and you just started up a business, then what?

Here are some basic tips for start-up companies who want to venture into digital marketing

  1. Social Media – Start with small. Almost everybody is using social media, whether its Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and/or Snapchat, this is an effective way to connect with everyone. Use it to your advantage and post your products and services in an engaging manner. Posts in your social media must have a consistent content and as frequent as possible. There should be an interaction with your followers to make them feel valued.
  2. Your Web Content is Everything. Your website should describe your products and services clearly and direct to the point. Know your target market so that the message your sending to your audience will aim directly at them.
  3. Optimize internal pages for conversion. All of your pages should be engaging to have a repeat audience. Make your website entertaining while maintaining its consistency.
  4. Identify your value proposition. This business tool identifies the pains and gains of your audience in using your website whether to read your articles or availing your products and services. Pains – this means the hardships your consumers experience in using your website. Gains – the benefits your consumers will get using your online products and services. Through this business tool, this will identify the weak points and elevates them to customer satisfaction. This also answers why consumers should avail your products/services which you can state in the content of your website.

  5. Make your website profitable. With the help of digital marketing, you can make your social media followers visit your site by engaging into Google Adserving and SEOs.  This goes back to the Website content, this will be the landing page when audience click on your ads, thus, it must have a clear description of the services and entertaining if possible.

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