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Hello Day

  • +284%

    E-commerce Conversion Rate

  • +250%

    Nr. of Transactions

  • +350%

    Unique purchases

  • Website design and build

Hello Day is a brand of natural supplements with a unique seasonal approach, created by a passionate & visionary founder. Sebastien Rumpler comes from a legendary, 3rd generation Franco/Swiss pharmaceutical lineage. With his specialist background, he has combined the best in clinically-supported science, pharma-production processes and top-quality ingredients which are then matched by his passion for natural solutions, holistic wellness and preventative health measures. Hello Day delivers top quality products with the hope to minimize minor ailments and help you optimize your sense of wellbeing.

“Thank you so much for the amazing work you have delivered during this nice project. I'm so proud to get this beautiful website in my hands. We are looking forward to seeing how our customers will enjoy our boutique 2.0. Special thanks to Nicolle for her excellent project management skill and her capability to manage all of our requests.” - Sébastien Rumpler, Founder of Hello Day


The Hello Day website needed a complete overhaul to refresh its look and feel. Appetite Creative was requested to create a new website that could help showcase Hello Day’s business as a reference for the industry, reflecting their quality of service that puts them head and shoulders above the competition.

The new website required several optimisations like a mobile-first design, improvements in UX as well as the selection of a well-suited CRM system. Also, new features needed to be added such as personal assessments, member portal, discounts and products, subscription model, promo codes, Well Being Mentor’s discount management, a blog section and product reviews.


The website was modernised to help the brand compete with their competitors. We also needed to optimise Hello Day’s website navigation - which was simplified to only 3 main higher-level pages: ‘Shop‘, ‘About‘, and the brand new ‘Take the test’ section. This feature will be used as a sales feature, adding a touch of gamification to the site, whilst also guiding and educating consumers about what vitamins/products would be right for them, based on their answers to the questions posed.


As soon as the new website was launched, the results started to roll in and Hello Day couldn’t be more satisfied with the figures achieved. In the first week, the website resulted in an increase of 284% in the E-commerce Conversion Rate, 250% in the number of transactions and a stunning 350% increase in the number of unique purchases made, turning Hello Day’s website into an authentic hotspot for the brand’s sales.

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