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Nosy is a revolutionary London-based company that provides highly effective, comfortable and sustainable protection for respiratory systems actively avoiding pollution and allergens. Its latest innovation, NosyX, adds an extra layer of defence to help prevent the spread of viruses such as Covid-19, offering consumers a sustainable solution to face masks.

The website was designed to drive pre-orders, leads and finally sales & subscriptions.

“The website was key to the rebrand, and needed to align our technology, fashion and sustainability credentials in a way that accurately reflected our product offering. The team at Appetite has certainly delivered, producing a look and feel that matches the future-focused nature of the brand, allowing us to showcase our expertise in clean air.” – Carina Cunha, Founder of Nosy

“You have done a tremendous job! Thank you for all the hard work putting this together. We are thrilled with how it turned” - Official Nosy Account on LinkedIn


Appetite was faced with the challenge of re-designing a brand new look and feel, that reflects the Nosy futuristic and tech-savvy theme. The brand image needed to inspire early adopters and innovators while reflecting a product that combines high-tech and high-fashion.
As part of the brand creation, Appetite Creative designed a new website that could showcase Nosy’s business and the two product lines they offer for pollution and Covid-19 prevention. The new website required some optimizations, including being mobile-first, improvements in UX, selecting the best CRM and improvements to SEO. It also required new features such as a product subscription model and B2B content. The website was designed to drive pre-orders, leads and finally sales & subscriptions.


The website rebrand was designed to reflect the high-tech credentials of the business, with the wearable products developed by former Dyson engineers. Furthermore, the new website was meant to place the futuristic nature of the brand front and centre, bringing together its fashion and technology roots. As well as showcasing the Nosy products, the website has been built as an education hub, making it the home of reliable research and content for visitors on health, wellness and clean air.
With a mobile-first design, the new website has e-commerce at its heart and includes a new fresh design and integration with Shopify. Lead generation is supported through outstanding animations and improved UX.


The new website turned out to perfectly reflect the identity of Nosy, as it combines fashion and high-tech in the same place. As a result, this brand-new and responsive website guaranteed the visit of more than 10,000 users in the first weekend after it’s official launch, in what is one of the best records for this type of project.

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