Liquid Skins

Liquid Skins is our own proprietary solution to a well-known problem.

How to get High Impact, measurable, yet non-intrusive creativity at scale?

And work programatically, across desktop AND Mobile?

Liquid Skins works across multiple Publishers at once, with minimal certification AND across all devices and screens.

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A full-service offering

  • Agencies

    • Maintain full control over the media
    • High impact formats at scale
    • Mobile and desktop
  • Advertisers

    • Better, immersive, high impact ad experience
    • Access mobile effectively
    • Fantastic Results
  • Publishers

    • Monetize mobile effectively
    • High Impact yet not high intrusive
    • High impact format over diverse portfolios of sites 


One of the leading chocolate confectioneries in the world, Cadbury’s evidently stands the test of time that made them one of the most desired chocolates of all ages.

With its worldwide market, Cadbury’s doesn’t stop in innovating their products and are fully committed to satisfy their consumers’ sweet tooth.

Cadbury’s collaborated with Sheology and Mummy Pages, the leading brand safe mum’s website in UK and Ireland. Through a partnership with Appetite Creative, the Liquid Skins were created to transform the article into an interactive experience in which audiences can engage, the milk pour was activated on scroll and characters popped out from the sides.

This was activated on both desktop and mobile devices.


Through Appetite Creative’s Liquid Skin, Cadbury’s  were able to reach

1.42% CTR on desktop
2.44% CTR on mobile

Gained 3 times the benchmark of similar rich media formats!

Impactful and intelligent selected Rich Media formats make customers consider new products and help brands to stay the leaders in rapidly changing competitive markets.

What we've built...

  • Marriott

    Liquid Skin Desktop & Mobile

  • Joker

  • Pandora

  • Adidas

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