Dynamic Creative

Why serve a generic ad if instead every single impression could be personalised?

Our data driven solution is taking DCO to the next level.  It allows in real time, millions of creative possibilities to be assembled dynamically using sophisticated AI technologies to deliver the right message for that user.

Delivering to the client 4X more effective ads.

A full-service offering

  • Agencies

  • Advertisers

  • Publishers

Marriott Case Study

A Leading Multinational Hospitality Company Strengthens Customer Loyalty With Personalized Dynamic Video Ads

One of the world’s largest hospitality companies sought to engage its reward members by offering curated experiences on which they could bid using loyalty points. Leveraging Jivox IQ and its integration with Adobe After Effects, the company launched a complex campaign strategy that pushed new offers every 15 mins, triggering the updates of video creative in real time across display and social.

Increase in 50% Video Completion Rate.

1.2% lift on the CTR which is 7 times the industry Benchmark

What we've built...

  • Marks & Spencer

  • Guinness

  • BoyleSports

  • Best Western

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