E-Commerce Solutions

These are our E-Commerce Creatives that we have designed and developed that increase revenue for advertisers!

Liquid Shopping: there has been a MASSIVE drop off between users seeing something that interests them, landing on the advertisers’ page, filling in all their details and finishing the purchase process. Our liquid shopping helps to cut out the 6 steps to purchase by integrating Paypal directly into your ad!

Whatsapp in Ads: Appetite Creative was the 1st digital marketing company to incorporate Whatsapp into a campaign creative. Allow users to directly share a link or message from the advertisement to their contacts on whastapp or maybe contact the brand directly.

Another concept in our e-Commerce is Interactive Bots which allows conversation between advertisers and users and artificial intelligence, directly in the banner itself

A full-service offering

  • Agencies

  • Advertisers

  • Publishers


  • Best Western Interactive Bot

  • Hilton Interactive Bot

  • Liquid Shopping

  • Interactive Videos

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Liquid Skins!