Connected Packaging

We are a creative tech company. Our solutions help our customers to achieve their brand objectives, driving in-store footfall, increasing awareness, maximising purchases and tracking it all in one seamless platform. Our multi-award winning creative campaigns and web apps educate and engage your users with interactive experiences, drive users to particular actions and campaign objectives, tracking users engagement behaviour down to a personal level. Allowing brands to collect their own first-party data. Combining online with offline personas, our web apps connect with consumers, using the newest innovative technologies and drive users to a particular action through immersive experiences. Using our dashboards we can identify who redeemed which coupon, tell you how long someone interacted, manage competitions and store the data in one easy to access, real-time, GDPR compliant platform. Results are easy to access, download to CSV or even Google Slides presentations.

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Our Process

Define the Objectives

Each campaign has its own set objectives. In this phase we look at what we are trying to achieve and match that with the right technology and creative means in which we will achieve that. Once we know what we are trying to achieve we can pinpoint the correct experience for users to achieve that goal. Will we launch from connected packaging, digital display or outdoor? Do we need AR? gamification? Do we need social media to support?


Creative Process

Our teams of experienced UX design, graphic designers and specialist front and back end developers will then bring the project to life. Using a staging link for you and your team to be able to preview the project through the development process.



Once we are ready to Launch we will monitor closely the whole way through. We will keep a close eye to see if we can help optimise or offer suggestions during the campaign live phase and ensure. From our real-time dashboard which we can also brand for you, you will be able to download reports and graphs direct to pdf. Success!


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Curry King

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