Playable Ads

Build awareness and user engagement, time spent on your site, employee motivation and drive sales through our sophisticated gaming mechanics. Appetite Creative can provide consultancy and full implementation to bring the benefits of gaming concepts and strategies to life for your brand or business. Collect rich pools of engagement data which can allow you to optimize your offering, and understand your consumers better, recruit the best talent or match the correct product or service for your audience. Educate and engage using playable ads.

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Our Process


Each campaign has its own set objectives. In this phase, we look at what we are trying to achieve and match that with the right technology and creative means in which we will achieve that. Once we know what we are trying to achieve we can pinpoint the correct experience for users to achieve that goal. Will we share to social media? have a prize incentive? Have a leaderboard? How will the client like to see the data?


Creative Process

Our teams of experienced UX design, graphic designers and specialist front and back end developers will then bring the project to life. Using a staging link for you and your team to be able to preview the project through the development process.



Once we are ready to Launch we will monitor closely the whole way through. We will keep a close eye to see if we can help optimise or offer suggestions during the campaign live phase and ensure. Data collected will include time of engagement, time of day, day of week plus any other GDPR compliant data or custom data needed!


KitKat Game

Running Game

LEGO Playable Ads

The Reef

Hotel Transylvania 3

LEGO Playable Ads

Animal Hospital

Batman the Movie

In Banner Gaming

Lego Friends

HTML5 Party Game


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