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Curry King

We designed and animated the CurryKing character himself and made him the star of three bespoke mini-games. Users needed to scan the pack and have an augmented reality experience jump out and entice them to choose to play one of four games or choose to take a selfie with the King himself to share it.

The design team painted the project with gloriously tempting and pleasing brush strokes. Our creative team asked our coders how far we could push it, and our tech team suggested extras that could be added. We developed 3 fully interactive mobile web app games. As important as offering the gamers an instant share button was offering our client an instant download button so that they may see and analyse the vast amounts of data, as a CSV or google slides doc. We collated all the user data in one seamless dashboard platform so that every engagement and details of every game could be tracked by the client.


Lightbox - Mobile comparison slider

Gaa and Shazam

Web App with Shazam

Inspiring Tunisia

Mobile Interscoller

Coco by Pixar


Stallion Carousel

Desktop Carousel Banner & Mobile Banner

Adidas Ticker Ad

Ticker Mobile Ad


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