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Founded originally in 1907, Swiss dairy company Emmi AG have an impressive history preceding its current status as a market leader in value-added dairy products. They are a Swiss milk drink without lactose that contains high-quality protein, easily digestible milk fat as well as a multitude of valuable minerals, including calcium and vitamin D. Emmi wanted to be one of the first on the market to engage with consumers digitally, whilst also educating their key audience about the benefits of their range and their new Emmi good day milk drink. 

After the success of the previous campaign, we needed to take this next campaign, to promote the launch of two new products, Oat Milk Drink and Balance Drink, via interactive digital advertising and connected the next level. Creating 3 games connected by a random game picker in the form of a jackpot machine. The three games were Balance - promoting the low sugar range, Fall game - where users needed to collect the two new brands 0at Milk and 60% less sugar and then the Tinder-style game where users learnt lots of facts and also answered market research style questions as to which drink they preferred.  

The proprietary gamification technology will collect player data from unique QR codes, which are printed on the packaging and made secure via Tetra Pak, in return for discount codes, free samples and raffle entries. The data gathered from different entry points will track age, location, gender, duration of engagement, peak hours of use and purchase location. As well as, the demand for each product, and other market research personal insights, including social media preferences.

“This technology affords Emmi a new level of understanding about their consumers which they didn’t have before, enabling them to use insights in an increasingly targeted way to connect them with new products and offers today, and for future product development,” said Susy McKinley Marketing Manager at Tetra Pak for Mid Europe


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