To revamp Squirro’s old-fashioned look and feel, Appetite Creative collaborated with the Swiss, US and Spanish Squirro teams, refreshed the full brand look and feel and designed and built a modern, fully-functional, lead generating, engaging website.

Appetite created stationary & brand guidelines, updated the colour palette and created new icons to decorate the website’s pages, in order to ensure that the overall look, message and feel reflected the new branding. Therefore, Squirro’s iconic squirrel was rejuvenated, and adapted to the different fields of expertise of the brand, giving rise to four new squirrels and environments: the general, the banking, the insurance and the manufacturing squirrels. A new portfolio, involving case studies and sales presentations, was also thoroughly designed with the goal of instilling confidence in the brand, elevate its engagement opportunities & leads, and ensure that all Squirro’s sales messaging was uniformed. Squirro also benefited from the creation of a content calendar and a bespoke and user-friendly digital brochure, so customers could easily learn more about all services provided by Squirro. We also designed and created their explainer videos, case studies, white papers, infographics and site copy ensuring everything is on brand and maintains consistent with the new look and feel. The website was optimised for SEO, and the user journey was also revisited in order to turn the page into a highly responsive and effective platform. Additionally, we design, maintain and manage the social media for Squirro,

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