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Having a brand as recognisable as Starbucks does not mean that, in terms of marketing, one can rest on laurels though. Offering experiences and gamification is becoming more and more critical for an ever-growing demographic. 

We strategically created the game, focusing on the specific demographic requested. We built a simple and engaging competition, encouraging users to play in order to receive vouchers. We carried out extensive testing on different devices and models before going live to ensure there would be no hiccups along the way.

We decided on a flip - a - cup game (using a social trending game) in which a user could, with one hand, attempt the tricky but masterable task of flipping an instantly recognisable Starbucks cup onto a platform. Scores are shareable and should the user receive enough points, not only does he or she win bragging rights among friends, but also vouchers to use in the store. Vouchers could be downloaded or emailed to be redeemed in-store. All data was collected in a GDPR compliant backend,

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